Congress ideas

The last two TCM Congresses in Krakow were a great success. Both the participants, speakers and guests were very enthusiastic and agreed that it would be of a great meaning in terms of TCM promotion to organize such Congresses  each year. It proved the need of the Polish TCM therapists and doctors to broaden their knowledge and exchange experiences with the international TCM practitioners.

Those are the reasons why Polish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine decided to organize international congresses, which aim to disseminate and deepen the knowledge concerning application of TCM in prophylaxis and therapy, as well as using it as a complementary and supportive method to the western medicine.

In 2018 Congress will take place in Krakow on:

12 – 14th of October 2018

We invite you to Krakow to meet with TCM practitioners from all over the World!

The main objectives

  1. Promoting application of TCM techniques in prophylaxis and diseases treatment
  2. TCM as a complementary and supportive method to the western medicine therapy
  3. Presentation of own techniques, experiences, developed methods in application of TCM and case studies provided by world-wide known TCM practitioners
  4. Review the state of the art in teaching and practicing traditional and classical Chinese medicine in Poland and Europe
  5. Focus on promising directions of TCM development and future trends

The main subjects of the Congress

  1. Gynecology and fertility
  2. Pediatric diseases
  3. Shen and psychic & psychosomatic diseases
  4. TCM and evidence-based medicine

Honorary Patronages

Jacek Krupa
Malopolska Voivodship Marshall

International Cooperation

European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

World Acupuncture Day

Paris 2018

Swiss Union of

TCM Therapists